A proper introduction? A mission statement? Basically, the whole point of this thing!

There are a million and one blogs out there… Why throw my written thoughts into the bottomless pit that is the self-aggrandizing blogosphere? The absolute truth is that I need the motivation. I have known that my “30’s” are approaching faster than I wish! I am not, however, satisfied to hit that milestone being any less than the best person I can be inside and out. This blog gives me motivation to share my progress, to share my experiences, and it makes me responsible for reaching my goals! I hope that you all can encourage that progress and can hopefully take something positive away from this! Is this a “weight loss blog”? NOPE! This is about almost every aspect of my life… So let’s get started…

Here I am, June 2012 in Santo Domingo, Domingo… Quite the chunky butt!


I had a great time on this trip, but pictures only go to show me how much of my “fabulousness” I have lost…

Here is what I hope to return to before I hit the big 3-0! I was confident, happy, and felt absolutely fantastic inside and out. Not to say that I didn’t have a lot left to achieve, but I was making huge strides!

*Note, this photo may be SLIGHTLY altered. I say slightly, only because it may have had a bit of a nip/tuck via the now defunct Picnik. No fancy shmancy Photoshopping. As soon as I have the Original photo I will repost.

Here I am trying to reset some goals. I have joined a weight loss program (no fad diets here!) to help me get healthy. I want to cook more and re-learn the best ways to prepare meals. I want to get my behind out of the house to be more active! I live in MIAMI, is there any better place to enjoy the area and be active? I want to raid my closet, and making getting ready fun again… With the help of my M.A.C. obsession. I want to enjoy more reading, enjoy the ones I love more, and take advantage of every bit of the wonderful life that I have.


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