I miss the “Miss”…

My best friend Irama and I had an interesting conversation this week about a particular four letter word that we miss. This word would always remind me of how young I was and I loved it! When I first meet a person I greet them politely. In return, I am often greeted with the same courtesy. (Not always though… Jerks ARE breeding.) I would always have a little smile when I would hear that four letter word…

“Thank you, miss.”

“No miss…”

“Good morning miss!”

My youth was held in a four letter word. Miss. This week marks exactly 18 months until I turn the Big 3-0! I still consider myself WELL WITHIN the range of being called Miss. I know quite a few women who are years older than me but still look like a young Miss. But now I must be showing some age because I keep hearing a new four letter word that I am not so fond of…

“Thank you, ma’am.”

“No, ma’am.”

“Good morning, ma’am!”

I’M NOT A “MA’AM”!!! I tend not to correct anyone, since I’m so appreciative of politeness. It is rare to find nowadays! No matter how kind the intentions are, my pride gets a little bruised. What I don’t know is the common rule of thumb for when to call a woman “Miss” or “Ma’am”.  I tend to play it safe and not use “Miss” or “Ma’am” at all…  But is there an age when you should expect to no longer be addressed as “Miss”?


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