The Weighing Game

When ever someone is trying to accomplish a goal, measuring progress is critical. Not only does measuring progress help plan out strategy, but it MOTIVATES.

Nothing is more motivating than “Weigh-In Day”.  It can give you a little extra swing in your step when you see the numbers go down, or it can re-focus you to help budge those numbers from their mark. Sadly, it can also be a downer.

What I can’t help but wonder is why some choose to torture themselves and pick MONDAYS as their weigh-in day. Mondays are already semi-miserable as it is. Usually we use our weekends as our cheat days, attend parties where the food options aren’t the healthiest, go out for a few drinks… All the things that are not scale-friendly, even if we make attempts to be healthy. It just makes no sense to me to set oneself up for a frown first thing Monday morning when they get on the scale. Disappointments due to little to no weight loss over a weekend can crush motivation.

What we all need to find are those positive encouragements that keep us all on track, and focused on being healthier!

Fridays are great to begin with… End of the work week, time to share with friends and family, and the beginning of a few days of “me” time. I start my Friday mornings with my weigh-in. I tend to be satisfied with my weekly progress and seeing that number on the scale slowly get smaller. The weigh-in is so fresh in my mind for the weekend that I tend to make healthier options during my most tempting days! We also seem to start every diet on a Monday… Might as well check the progress on Friday!

I hear by nominate FRIDAY as our official weigh-in day!

Let’s find how to best motivate ourselves. Let’s be our own coach and biggest fan! Let’s make those positive changes for positive results!


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