Cooking Fail #1 – Low Fat Recipe Cheese Sauce

I am nowhere near an excellent, expert or gourmet chef… I’m the type of person who picks out a recipe as seen on Food Network, and cooks from there. For the most part, my food is quite edible (read: yummy and good)… But Food Network is not known for an immense treasure trove of healthy cooking options. For that reason I purchased three new cookbooks all geared toward lighter and healthier eating. One recipe was a ridiculous SUCCESS. It was a turkey bolognese that you wanted to lick off the plate… I’m sure I’ll post in the future about that amazing dish.

Today, was another story. A scary story for the kitchen.

The experimentation for tonight’s dinner was “supposed” to be a spinach-stuffed chicken with a light cheese sauce to drizzle over the chicken. (Experimentation because every time I step into the kitchen I feel like a mad scientist – and small explosions are possible).

The chicken was pretty generic and the spinach was a simple but nice touch. All in all, it is not something so special that I would post about it… But the cheese sauce… Oh the horrid cheese sauce…

The picture below was the result of following the directions!!

First, the taste was so bland and just quite frankly I wouldn’t put it on ANYTHING! Second, it was a complete waste of ingredients. Third, it hurt my pride! Yes! My pride! How dare I make some so horrible. I like hearing that what I made was delicious… I don’t take cooking critiques well… And then this cookbook had me make THIS? Lesson learned. No more cheese sauces!


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