Closet Adjustment

Today I did a tiny bit of closet adjustment… What kind of adjustment? Well, my goals extend far out beyond just the plain (and boring) “weight loss”… I want to be just a more fabulous version of me. In order to make that happen, I need to feel and look the part.
I’m not attempting an overnight make over… But sometimes you just need to look in your closet and do away with the ugly, the frumpy, the ill-fitting, and *hopefully* too large clothing that’s stored away in there…
I took out about 10-12 items of clothing and in searching hanger-to-hanger, I found a few items I completely forgot about and LOVE!
I’m hoping to continue with my closet adjustments every two months or so, while adding a few new pieces occassionally…
Now if only I could have more room for shoes…



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