Stages of Sleepiness

As I sit here slurping my morning Starbucks latte (see: Starbucks Skinny Mocha)… I am attempting to become alert enough to be a productive employee. No matter what, I will be interacting with my coworkers today, interacting with company representatives visiting the office, and interacting with Twi-Hards when I get in line to see Breaking Dawn 2 tonight (more on that later today)! With all of the interaction I am to have today a sleepy, cranky, moody and bitchy Angie is just NOT conducive for productivity and just overall pleasantness. (I really AM a nice person! Really!)

In a 36 hour period beginning on Tuesday I put in 21 hours at the office… This was preceded by a seasonal allergy induced sleepiness. This entire week I have been sleeping the kind of hours that a preschooler would! 6, 7 and 8 pm are NOT adult bedtimes…

My total sleepy-headedness resulted in my sleeping right through the time that I was going to help my best friend (and fellow blogger) pack for her big move to her first home this Saturday. This is BIG STUFF! The kind of stuff a best friend should be there for. Yet, I snoozed through the whole evening. Major Friend Fail! (Help me make it up to her! Visit her blog! Life on the Scales)

Anywho… I came across this picture on iFunny and I realized I am going through the Stages of Sleepiness…

Now, EXTREMELY HYPER is not my thing… So we can just skip right on over that stage… But the rest? Oh. Yes. I’m a sufferer…

On days where I just haven’t had enough sleep I am usually at the “slightly sleepy” stage at the office. I’m absolutely functional, just a little bit on the groggy side.

Yesterday, however, I flew through FOUR stages! (Can I count this as a marathon-like activity?)

I woke up the day after putting in 12 hours at the office feeling “slightly sleepy”… My internal batteries, however, were nowhere near fully charged. By lunchtime I was at the “super sleepy” stage. I kept re-reading emails, as my comprehension levels were practically non-existent. I still had to work and I still had to interact with (sometimes frustrating) people. That was the catalyst into “cranky”! If you would have asked me to hand you a pen that was fully within my reach, I would have bitten your head off… And chewed on it… And spit it back out… Only to step all over it… Then set it on fire. What can I say? When I’m cranky, I’m the Queen of Cranky.

By the time I arrived home yesterday my batteries had long been on EMPTY. I walked into my bedroom, took one look at my bed… Correction: I checked out my bed… Gave it the oogley eyes… I probably flirted with it too! It was just SO BEAUTIFUL to look at… By the time I settled down and got in bed it was a straight shot into the “knocked out” stage. THAT was when I slept right through my scheduled best-friend-packing-and-hanging-out time. Again, MAJOR FRIEND FAIL.

But now… Now I know the signs… Now I know when the batteries are just not getting enough of a charge. This is LIFE SAVING STUFF PEOPLE! Do you know how many LIVES can be SAVED if people (like me) can AVOID the “Cranky” and “Knocked Out” stages of sleepiness. Whoa… Blows. My. Mind.


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