In Defense of My Inner-Teenager: Breaking Dawn 2

Being that this blog is titled “Oh No The Big Three-Oh”, we know that I am not a teenager. I officially left that title 8 years ago… I may have moved into my new “grown up” role, but inside I still have my inner-child and inner-teenager… And every now and then they like to come out to play!

Yesterday, my inner-teenager went out to the movies… And she had a BLAST!!!

At about 3:45pm I arrived at one of my local movie theaters to get in line for the 10pm showing of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 2. Yes. I got in line 6 hours early. Not only did I arrive 6 hours early, I was smart enough to bring one of my comfy tailgating chairs. (In years past, I have sat on the hard ground for hours prior to the release of a Twilight movie.) I was in line, I was excited, and I didn’t care if I was being judged. Hell, I wasn’t the FIRST or the 15th person in line, but I was close!

What? Do you think I’m “crazy” to get in line for a Twilight movie so many hours in advance? Maybe. But don’t you dare judge. It’s about once a year that I indulge that side of my inner-teenager! Also, if you feel like passing judgement on grown Twilight fans like myself, please drive by your local GameStop or Best Buy at midnight on the day of a Halo, Assassin Creed or Call of Duty video game release. Tell any person there that they are crazy for waiting in line at midnight for a video game and you can be guaranteed that they are prepared to carry on a full argument as to why that video game is AMAZING and is WORTH the wait in line at such an hour.

Before you pass judgement on a person such as a Twilight fan, Harry Potter fan, Lord of the Rings fan, or any video game fan, stop and think about your own inner-teenager. Is there an old music group or singer that you are STILL gaga over? Is there a slightly immature prank that you still like to pull on people? You too have an inner-teenager that likes to have their day to play.

As for me, I LOVED LOVED LOVED the last Twilight movie and I’m sad to see the series coming to an end. I had a great time chit-chatting with the ladies in my group (all adults except two) as we stood/sat in like to make sure we were able to get good seats. My inner-teenager couldn’t have had a better night. I don’t know exactly when my inner-teenager is going to come out to play again, but when she does I know not to allow any judgement to dampen a good time.

Here I am with one of the two “non-adults” in the group patiently waiting in line to see Breaking Dawn 2.


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