No Carb Is Safe… From Me…

Hide yo bread… Hide yo pasta… Cause Angie’s eating everything!!!


Yes… It’s true… The Angie-Carb monster has been unleashed!!! Can you hear the frightened screams from your kitchen cupboard?

Once a month, for about a 48 hour span of time, there is no carb on this planet that is safe from me… Bread? Yes, please! Pasta? Hell yea!!! Cookies? What cookies? I already ate those…

I am being careful with what I eat, now that I am trying to be healthier… But for the next day I’m RAVENOUS for pasta, baked goods, bread, all that yum stuff. I try to hold back. I do…

Then, out of nowhere, a cookie disappears! It was there a moment ago! Wait. Why am I chewing? I don’t remember grabbing the cookie, and then eating it… But here I am… Savoring the glorious concoction of flour, sugar, eggs, salt, and heaven sent chocolate chips. This is making me want to do a research paper on the history of the chocolate chip cookie! Some man or woman out there deserves a national holiday in their honor!!

Am I ashamed? Only slightly. Should I be eating this? Yes and no. I can eat carbs and keep a healthy manner of eating! It’s all about portion control. But for today, the portions are out of control, and so am I… RAWR!



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