Making It Happen: Exercise During Vacation

I decided to take advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday (and the Thursday and Friday my office will be closed) to take a mini-vacation… I took Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off, which gives me a wonderful week away from work to unwind and relax…

I plan on using this time to help my family prepare for Thanksgiving, to run errands and to relax… I am, however, notorious for being a lazy bum during my vacations. I rarely watch TV, but while on vacation I’m usually a slug in front of a television. I nap, I eat, I watch TV, and then repeat.

This time around I’m trying to break the cycle by having a healthy combination of relaxation without being a total couch potato. So here I go… Sneakers are on my feet, and BeBe and I are about to go for a long walk during one of my vacation days…

I have to admit… This feels kind of great…



One thought on “Making It Happen: Exercise During Vacation

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