Break’s Over! Refocusing After a Holiday…

I dreaded today. I really did. But not for the reasons you may think… I just didn’t want to come to work this morning. After a week of not driving to the office, I wasn’t ready to wake up exceptionally early… However, I am thankful that I have a job and I like the industry I work in… So all complaining about my Monday morning will end there…

Monday always represents a start to a new work week. A fresh start. Also, a new start to some positive goals.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Thanksgiving break… I saw some family I don’t see often, and I ate a lot of food I hadn’t eaten in a WHILE! No guilt here though! I have been making some great food choices for the past two months. I have felt more energized, more positive about my health and dropped some weight too! But every now and then you need to take a weekend to just ENJOY food. Now please, not EVERY weekend.

I planned ahead, I knew Thanksgiving was coming, and I knew my food choices were not going to be the best. I ate eggs benedict for breakfast… I had twice baked potatoes at dinner (with gravy)… and I made sure to get a slice of my aunt’s chocolate pecan pie. Yes, I’m feeling a bit sluggish today. I didn’t eat the best all weekend. But here is the best part…

It’s Monday!

Today is my fresh start. I planned ahead last night and knew I would be having oatmeal and coffee for breakfast, a banana and small cup of fruit juice for snack, a healthy lunch and a healthy dinner. It’s all about planning ahead. I believe my success, thus far, is greatly attributed to planning ahead.

Looking ahead I know that Christmas is just around the corner… And in order for me to enjoy my Noche Buena Cuban feast guilt-free, I’m going to have to make some really healthy food choices for the next four weeks. And you know what? I’m absolutely okay with that! I’m learning that healthy can also be yummy. (Weird, right?)

At some point you have to stop and say “The holiday break is over! Time to give myself some good! Time to refocus!”

Set a positive and attainable goal for yourself! Also, don’t make them just weight loss goals. Add some physical activity goals for yourself. I’ll tell you mine… By 12/23/2012 I hope to have dropped an additional 7 pounds. I also plan to increase my walking distance 25%.

I’ll keep everyone posted on how I do… I would love to hear your goals and how you plan to achieve them!


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