Diagnosis: A Case of the Bah-Hum Bugs

The symptoms have been around since just before Thanksgiving… I would roll my eyes as I saw the Christmas Tree stands going up… I would cringe at the holiday decor going up… I would scoff at the holiday items for sale… And worst, I would feel personally offended that someone would buy a Christmas tree BEFORE I HAD MY TURKEY!

I felt alone. I felt partially ashamed. I didn’t know where to turn, until I realized I was suffering from an illness that millions of people suffer from yearly… I had a case of the Bah-Hum Bugs.

I am not alone.

The Bah-Hum Bugs (BHB) are a serious condition where any holiday-related visual or auditory trigger can make a person nasty, bitchy, cranky, negative, and just an all around Scrooge.

The key to the Bah-Hum Bugs is to not overly treat the ailment. Pushing more Santas, garlands, flashing lights, holiday sales and snowman inflatables in the face of someone suffering from BHB only makes the person resent the holidays more. You need to ease a person into the holiday season. Don’t play the holiday station on Pandora 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most importantly, avoid loud and large crowds.

My mother and I are both suffering from BHB. Our plan this year was to slowly decorate the house and Christmas tree. Hell, we didn’t even start decorating until 2 weeks before Christmas! Yesterday, we put up our artificial, pre-lit tree. Today, we put half of the ornaments up. (Below is a picture of today’s progress. Notice the boxes everywhere, the semi-decorated tree, and the broom on the floor from an ornament that fell and shattered).

Just remember, the key to overcoming a case of the Bah-Hum Bugs is moderation!



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