Following Through… My Reason for Prior Failures.

In every endeavor I have taken on, I always have the best of intentions… As hard-headed and stubborn as I am, I always want to succeed and show people that I can do something in which I was not expected to excel.

My repeated failures have always been in the same “department”. Weight loss. This post is NOT about excuses. This post is a self-reflection. Why is it that after so many strong starts, I never make it to the finish line? This blog is a great example. I started it with the best of intentions. A tool to help me organize my goals and make myself a better person by the age of 30. Well. It has been just over 9 months since I last posted on this blog. I have no excuse. Life happens and everyone else learns to balance. Why can’t I? I need to start sticking to some of my ideas. As I think back at every attempt to lose weight, work on my personal growth, and organize myself for future success, I am realizing… I haven’t been following through.

When I get an idea in my head, I’m ALLLL over it. I tell my friends about it, I even convince them to join me! I organize, plan, prepare… Meal plan charts? GOT IT! Write down my ideas? DONE! Game plan? ALLLL DAY! Set goals? YES!

I always start off great! I’m motivated. I’m encouraged. But at some point, I falter. I make an excuse here. I make an accommodation there. I don’t stick to my guns. I find reasons for excuses. This is utterly UNACCEPTABLE. The only person responsible for me is ME. Although I have a wonderful support system, I can’t rely on them to make my decisions for me. I can’t expect them to keep me on track. That is all up to me. The follow through. That is ALL me.

So here I am… With another opportunity… Another great start… Time to show myself that I can follow through. That I can succeed.


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