Measurements Day: Shock by numbers

It is the VERY beginning of this process, so seeing a lot of the data can be QUITE the shock… You know that moment when you haven’t weighed yourself for a while, then hop on the scale to see an inflated number? That’s the moment that has you eating salads and hitting the gym again… Well, there is a similar moment to that… The moment when you take your measurements and seeing exactly where you have expanded and punished your body….


Today is measurements day for me. It is Day One of my 90 day workout plan and 30 week health goals. I know that this is a starting point, but I had a bit of a heart attack.

I have always been a curvy girl. Although I have never been thin I was always known for my bubble butt, wide hips and narrower waist. Today I am seen numerically that the waist isn’t as narrow and the butt and hips have TOO MUCH BUBBLE!

I’m going to turn this SHOCK into motivation. I know exactly what areas I want to focus on. Although I need overall weight loss my arms, waist and legs need some extra attention.

Pounds lost may show fat lost, but inches…. Inches show exactly how your body is changing!

Time to get to WORK!


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