A Little Confession: My secondary motives…

I’m all geared up and ready to go… 30 weeks of clean eating, exercise, personal growth, organization and task completion… I started this blog almost a year ago in order to help me attain those goals. I really am excited about everything I am going to accomplish in 30 weeks… but… I have a confession to make. Becoming a BETTER ME is my primary goal. My main reason. My #1. But it is not my only reason…


3 months ago my amazing, wonderful, and just TOTALLY AWESOME boyfriend surprised me and became my fiancee. It was completely unexpected. I have to give the man credit, he set me up for the surprise…

So in addition to trying to become a better me and buy a house at the beginning of 2014 I now have the joy of planning a WEDDING! *cue the wedding bells*

Wait… Did I say joy? I meant TRAUMA… But that is a WHOLE other post… Within a week of being engaged my head was already thinking “Well DAMN. Wearing a dress is kind of a mandatory/expected thing for a bride. Shit.”

I am no girlie girl and dresses and skirts are not a staple in my closet… I’m starting to freak out about THE DRESS. I want to look good in THE DRESS. I don’t want to cry cause I don’t feel good when I am trying on THE DRESS.

So here is where the confession comes in… I’m also doing my 30 weeks of health improvement and weight loss for THE DRESS… Cause NOTHING will make me feel better than walking towards my future husband and having his jaw drop when he sees me in THE DRESS.

I don’t want to be one of those women who lose a TON of weight before the wedding then gain it right back right after. I definitely want to be healthier and thinner… but damn… THE DRESS!


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