For once, I didn’t choose lazy…

Yesterday sucked. Really, it did. But it goes to show that everything in life has balance. Wednesday I was BLISSFULLY happy… Then Thursday came. Wednesday was SO GOOD that Thursday was the COMPLETE opposite.

On days where I am exceptionally stressed, anxious, upset or mad I usually make all the wrong food and activity decisions. I usually eat things that are ALL WRONG for me and lay in bed napping or watching TV. I believe this is where the term couch potato came from. If I had been on the couch I would have been ridiculously lazy, and probably eating something fattening. Like, potato chips… Fries… You know. The greasy stuff.

Yesterday, I didn’t choose lazy.

I have goals. Big goals. I don’t want to lose a quick 10 pounds and be done with it. I want a lifestyle change. I want to be more active, more productive, and healthier. My ways of handling stress are the opposite of what I need to meet these goals.

Yesterday, I had a shiteous day at work. Yea. I said shiteous… Cause SHITTY and HIDEOUS just weren’t enough. I came home and did what I usually do in these situations… I ate something I shouldn’t have (white rice) and laid down in bed.

After laying in bed for an hour+ I started thinking about my goals… Laying in bed and sulking was not going to make me productive. It was not going to make me more active. I sure as hell wasn’t going to lose weight that way either!

After my inner pep talk I got out of bed, change into my workout clothes and got to work. I popped in my favorite workout DVD and burned off the calories of my bad choice of food. I used up some of the energy I was using to dwell on my crappy day at work and I made a positive out of it…

I know my journey won’t be perfect. I know I will make mistakes. I only hope that I can turn every mistake into a positive.


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