Mission: Healthy Meals for a Man on the Go!

Lately I have been going a bit out of my mind trying to think of healthy lunch ideas for my fiancee. It isn’t so easy for me to meal plan for him as it is to meal plan for myself. My fiancee is on the road for 8-10 hours a day for work. He does not have access to a microwave or blender while working. While I would LOVE to share with him the items I make myself for lunch, he just has no way of heating them up!

The poor guy is great too! In over 2 weeks he has not complained about the repetitiveness of his lunches and snacks. I’m on a mission trying to find lunch ideas for him, but I keep hitting road blocks! If anyone has any healthy brown bag lunch ideas for a man on the go, PLEASE SHARE!

Here is a quick breakdown of the meals I prepare for him. Again, any healthy ideas are truly appreciated!

Either 3 hard boiled eggs or a sandwich bag of Raisin Bran cereal.

One of the following…
– (2) Spinach, low sodium ham, low sodium chicken breast and low sodium munster on whole wheat tortilla rolls
– Multigrain sandwich thin with a bit of Smart Balance mayo, low sodium ham, low sodium chicken breast and low sodium munster.

I mix it up and give him three of the following…
– Banana
– Sugar Free Jello
– Weight Watchers Cheese Stick
– KIND Bar
– Mandarins Fruit Cup (no sugar added)
– Planters Peanuts (Men’s Health version)
– Snack sized bag of fruit: apples, grapes & strawberries
– 2 tbsp of Hummus with celery sticks and carrots


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