The Morning Routine…

I have a declaration of love I would like to share with the entire world…


I truly do. I love it so much, that it breaks my heart to have to leave it early in the mornings!

I know many people hit the SNOOZE button once in a blue moon just to get a few more minutes of rest, but my SNOOZE usage is excessive. I have two alarms set on my phone and I snooze them about 5 times. It takes me a good 30 minutes to get out of bed in the morning. I just can’t help it! This morning all the stars aligned! My bed was so soft, my sheets had the fresh just-cleaned scent, I was warm, and I was in the most COMFORTABLE position. I was on a cloud! Then it all had to be ruined by my alarm.

I even try to make my alarms annoying enough to get me out of bed! I have the “there is a nuclear meltdown occurring just down the street” alarm tone on my phone. Still. My bed. ❤

I’m not even too cranky in the mornings. I’m just not incredibly alert, awake and roaring to go. Give me 30 minutes to try and remember my name, the date, and where I am.

I’ve laid off drinking coffee, but I was never one to go running to a coffee pot early in the morning either. I would pick up a latte close to the office and use it as a jump start to get to work.

So for now… I sit here at the office daydreaming about my bed… The fluffy pillows… The soft sheets… *drool*



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