Shopping Lists: An Easy Way to Extra Calories

I have a reminder set on my phone for everything Thursday to prepare my grocery shopping list for the weekend. As I was getting ready to type away I started thinking…

“What if I forget something?”

“Is there something I liked from before that I don’t have any more of?”

“Is this going to be enough?”

“Should I walk up and down the aisles of the grocery store to jog my memory?”

I realized that my shopping list and my shopping style CAN lead to extra unneeded calories in my kitchen, and subsequently – MY BELLY!

I know that my mother has a “MASTER” grocery list that she works from. She has a list of items that she has/had purchased from the grocery store, divided by department, and prepares her weekly list by deleting the items that she does not need. This is an easy way to purchase items that you may not need (that’s money out of your pocket) and it is an easy way to succumb to temptation! You might not cross off an item just because it may be yummy and you MIGHT eat it this week. Plus, if those extra items are in your kitchen, you are more likely to eat it – hungry or not!

For the last 3-4 weeks I have created my list based solely off of my weekly meal plan. (This week’s meal plan should be posted tonight! Keep an eye out!) Every Wednesday I prepare my meal plans for the following week. I include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. From that meal plan I make a list of grocery items ONLY for the items in my meal plan. I also include the items for my fiancée’s lunches and know what I am going to prepare for him weekly.

I find that creating my list from an “as needed only” plan I get through the grocery store a lot faster, I have been eating a LOT healthier, and my unnecessary snacking at home is almost gone! I know what I have in my fridge, what I am going to eat for the week, and I have a lot less stress because of that!

Here is my shopping list for next week’s meal plan. I’m going to use this list to review my coupons and the sales in my local grocery store to find the best deals! This means more money in my pocket, and I’m a happier girl for it!

This is my shopping list for next week's meal plan.

This is my shopping list for next week’s meal plan.


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