Breakfast of… Seasonal Allergy Sufferers…

Good morning everyone! My IQ level has dropped about 30 points today. No. I did not suffer a traumatic head injury.

I woke up with my seasonal allergies playing racquetball with my sinuses.

On mornings like these I wake up feeling dazed, tired, confused, and slightly irritated at the congested feeling in my head. I was running so late this morning for work that I didn’t even get to make my Shakeology. (Angie. not. happy.)

Breakfast today is the breakfast of champs… Champ Seasonal Allergy Sufferers! (Start playing the Rocky theme in your head, then imagine Rocky at the top of the stairs with his hands pumping in the air… and tissues in one hand and Zyrtec in the other… Ahhh… I feel like a winner already!!)

Today’s breakfast was a HEARTY Zyrtec D, Starbucks tea with honey and some Halls Fruit Breezers. YUM.

So for all of you who woke up with your allergies playing racquetball in YOUR head this morning, CHEERS!

Allergies Breakfast


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