Write It Down!

Emails, phone calls, commutes, appointments, families, interruptions, errands, schedules, kids, meetings, work, relationships, text messages, radios, papers, apps…

Our days are FILLED with sensory overload… Sometimes we don’t know who we are, where we are, what we were doing, what day it is, and where we are going… I had one of those days yesterday…

With all of the constant buzz and interruptions during our day, it is hard to sit down and really formulate ideas… Make goals, create a game plan, remember small ideas, complete a task… There is one great way to help yourself remember all of the small ideas and thoughts… WRITE IT DOWN!

Don’t always rely on your FABULOUS memory… Don’t leave a great idea to chance! What if you are running out of the house in the morning, trying to remember to grab your breakfast, lunch, iPad, papers and bag… and in your running around a great idea pops into your head for a project you are working on or want to start. Do you say to yourself, “I’ll remember this later…”? Do you ALWAYS remember? Does the thought slip out of your mind just as fast as it popped in?

Grab your phone… Grab a post it… Grab a note pad… and WRITE IT DOWN!

You can revisit your notes at any time, but it is there… Written… No need for the disappointment of forgetting something.

I have many ways of keeping my ideas written… In the office I have spiral bound notebooks where I jot down notes from a meeting, ideas on an account, or a game plan for a project. I am going to start transitioning these to an Evernote document on my iPad, which will make all of my notes searchable.

I’m also a tab bit Post-It happy… I usually just use these for short-term reminders… They tend to be reminders to call someone, take a quick look at an account, an errand I need to do that day or next…

As for my personal ideas/thoughts… Hellllloooooo iPhone and iPad! The handy dandy Notes app is awesome for getting an idea down without having to worry about opening a document or large app.The reminders app makes adding a task follow up fast, reliable and customizable. I can also go on and on and on and on about all of the apps that are available…

It doesn’t matter what method you use… Write… It… Down…


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