Punctuality Matters!

Appointment times are set… Plans are made… Others work their schedule to accommodate yours… Although I’m all for being sporadic and making last minute plans/decisions, we all do have to work from a schedule at some point.

I am very conscious of the fact that my timing can affect the schedules and plans of others. Every morning I wake up and take a peek at my calendar to plan my day. I’m so grateful for the calendar on my phone. Keeping track of appointments and reminders has never been easier. This is applicable to almost everyone else, as smart phones are now the most purchased type of cell phone. Be it Apple, Android or Windows – each platform comes with a calendar feature. Heck, our phones can even alert us of upcoming reminders and appointments. Our attachments (or should I say, super-glued to our hands fixation) with our smart phones should be making us more efficient with our time.

Yet, with the advancement in technology comes the reduction in our needed to actually THINK and REMEMBER. (Come on. Admit it. Years ago you used to be able to recite the phone number for each of your friends and family members. Now, it is “uhhh let me check the contact card.”) So if we don’t even need to REMEMBER our appointments, we just wait for it to pop up on our calendar or for our phones to remind us, why are we all still running late?

I have a friend (who shall remain nameless but knows exactly who she is) who was a CHRONIC “late” person. If I wanted her to meet up with me at 3pm I would have to tell her 2pm and STILL cross my fingers that she make it on time. Technology has advanced and she still couldn’t improve on her timing. Only recently has she made QUITE the change. She has been early or on time to almost everything I can remember. She is almost unrecognizable! It is wonderful. In the past, however, my patience were always tested. She is DEFINITELY NOT the only person to be late. I know I am late once in a blue moon, but it is an absolute pet peeve of mine. I hate knowing that someone else is waiting on me.

I find people that do not take other people’s time into consideration are rude and careless. Your tardiness can affect the careful scheduling and planning of another person’s day. It takes only a bit of effort to be on time. The important thing to remember is to plan ahead.

A separate discussion would refer to the definition of RUNNING LATE: Doctor’s offices. I find that too many doctor’s over book their patients. I understand that a doctor has a limited amount of time to see patients, but if a patient needs wait two months to see a doctor, I think that physician should stop taking in new patients.

Am I being too optimistic in thinking that we can all be a bit more productive with our time? Can we all make a little more effort to be considerate of everyone else’s time? Can we all make a little more effort to be punctual? Let me know what you think and feel free to share a story…


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