Let’s Be Honest: Is it JUST Holiday Weight Gain?

Holiday Weight Gain

I was discussing my holiday weight gain, and my plans to shed the weight… Meal planning, grocery shopping techniques, etc… As I was having this conversation I realized my weight gain between November and the beginning of January was not “holiday weight gain”… It was laziness and lack of self-control…

Yes, the holidays are FILLED with yummy treats and meals… Starting with the Thanksgiving luncheon at the office a week before the actual holiday, I threw self-control out of the window. Since then there have been family meals, gift baskets sent to the office by business associates, the stress of having two weeks to plan my sister’s wedding (which was awesome by the way), Christmas, not having a functional refrigerator at my house for 6 weeks, New Years, baking… cooking… eating out… stuffing face… But in the numerous days between Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years I was out of hand. NO self-control. NO planning ahead. It wasn’t just the holidays. It was me. Shame on Angie.

Shame, especially since I was doing so well…

We can’t blame the weight gain JUST on the “holidays”… The days of celebration (or more depending on what you celebrate) does not justify gaining POUNDS. Honestly, I haven’t weighed myself. I think it is because I am scared of the number I am going to see staring back at me on the screen… But I feel it in my clothes, especially my jeans. Mostly, I feel it in my face… YUCK.

No more “holiday weight gain” reasoning… It was purely lack of control. How do I redeem myself? Regaining that control. Pushing myself to be better, and make healthier choices…

Is this just me? Is there really such a thing as “holiday weight gain”? Or do we use the holidays as a justifiable excuse to throw healthy decision-making out of the window? I would love to hear anyone else’s thoughts on this… Comment below or email me!

Next week’s meal plan will be posted later today…


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