Meal Plan – Week of 1/20/2014

Look who is meal planning again! WHAT WHAT!

Yea… I said “what what”… I wrote it… I almost deleted it… But no. It needed to be there, cause I’m excited to be meal planning again!

The holidays were fun… and fattening… and they are now OVER. Time to readjust and get back to healthy eating habits.

I actually started meal planning again this past weekend, but didn’t get a chance to write up my plan. Also, I’ve changed a few things around. I would drive myself crazy planning several different lunches and dinners for the week, in order to accommodate my family members with differing tastes and a disdain for eating too many left overs. No more. I need to take care of ME. My engagement party is around the corner and my wedding is in 297 days (but who’s counting)! I actually don’t mind having the same lunch every day for a week, as long as I don’t repeat that every single week. My Sundays were spent cooking up a storm and not enjoying my weekend. As you will see from these new meal plans, I will be repeating my lunches every day of the week, but every week will be different.

I’m becoming more strict with what I eat and trying to simplify as much as possible. This girl here has a career, a wedding to plan and *hopefully* will be house hunting soon… Simplicity is needed for my sanity.

You are going to notice a lot of SkinnyTaste recipes… Why? Cause they are AWESOME!! Please go check that site out! She makes the most delicious recipes… I have tried several and they are delicious. Here is the link for this week’s lunch recipe… SkinnyTaste Baked Spaghetti Squash

There will be some days that I double up on my Shakeology shakes… That will happen on nights that I get home late and don’t have time to prep a meal.  If you are interested in Shakeology feel free to email me with questions!!!

I hope everyone has a great week!

Meal Plan - 01.20.14


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