Wedding Dress Shopping Day!

Dress Shopping

I’m sitting here at work during my lunch break and my stomach is in KNOTS. I’m nervous and anxious… All because today I am going wedding dress shopping.

I’ve done quite a bit of research before hand. I have POURED over bridal magazines (which, by the way, are not curvy or plus size girl friendly). I have clipped pictures from those magazines… Scanned through the TONS of dress pictures on The Knot… and I have even fallen in love with a few designers…

I took some of those designers and looked into their dresses, pricing, sizing… All of this information can be found online if you just look. Don’t walk into a bridal show without a little bit of knowledge in your pocket. Know price ranges and, if anything, take a quick peak at your cell phone while shopping. Most importantly, have an idea of what YOU want to wear. Be open to try on multiple styles/fabrics… But still, it is YOUR wedding, what do you see?

So. As confident as I sound with all of my information and knowledge you may wonder why I am nervous. It is because I am actually SHOPPING FOR MY WEDDING DRESS! AHHHH! I think this is the point when it all starts to feel real. I’m not confident in dresses, so tonight may be a challenge. If it were up to me, jeans would be a completely acceptable attire option for my wedding. Okay. Maybe not. Luckily, I will be surrounded by some AMAZING ladies. I’ll keep everyone posted on how tonight goes!


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