My Why…

We all have reasons and motivations to accomplish both the largest to the most miniscule tasks and goals in our lives. The reason you do something can be as simple as, “why did I get a glass of water?”… because I was thirsty….

What about the more meaningful and impactful decisions, goals and achievements in your life? What is your “why”?

Why did you finish your college degree? Why did you choose to go BACK to school? Why are you putting in extra hours at work? Or how about… Why are you making a lifestyle change? Why have you quit smoking? Why have you decided to start eating clean and healthy? Why have you decided to get your family involved in more physical activity?

Look deeper into yourself than the plain “I want to be healthier”, “I want to make more money”, or “I want to lose weight” answers. Those are generic. EVERYONE wants to be healthier… EVERYONE wants to earn more money… EVERYONE wants to be able to lose those extra pounds…

YOUR why is personal. No one else can repeat the answer to that question in the same manner that you do.

How about a 5 minute brainstorm on “your why”…

  • Grab a sheet of paper.
  • In the center of that paper write your main goal and circle it.
  • Now find three reasons you want to achieve that goal and write each one in a separate circle around your main goal. (Yes, you can list a few “generic” reasons that other people may also write if they were answering this.
  • Next, take some time to review your three reasons and truly think about WHY these reasons are important to YOU. What is going on in YOUR life that has led you to this main goal? For example: If your main goal is to get a promotion, one of your three reasons for this goal is to make more money. Why? Do you have debt you want to pay down? List that debt! Do you have a child you want to save money to send to college? List that child’s name and your hopes for their college achievements! BE SPECIFIC! Most importantly, make sure these are PERSONAL reasons.
  • Take some time to really think about your reasons. Be honest with yourself. There is no one you need to impress. This isn’t an assignment you need to turn in.

Remember, this is for YOU. This is something you can look back at when you feel as though you are off track or need motivation. The generic reasons never get us moving… They don’t shake us to our core. They don’t make us get off the couch and do more. We look at those generic reasons and say, “yea… I’ll get to that tomorrow.”

Our PERSONAL reasons, OUR WHYS, are what get us moving… They are the reason we strive to achieve our goals and what we want in life…

I’m sharing my “WHY” with you below… Let me know what you came up with! Did you realize something about yourself that you didn’t really give much thought to before? Did writing it down help you visualize your goals?

Sorry that the borders were cut off. My scanner did scan all the way to the edge of the paper. Oh! I'm also sorry that you have to read my handwriting!

Sorry that the borders were cut off. My scanner did scan all the way to the edge of the paper. Oh! I’m also sorry that you have to read my handwriting!

So take a few minutes, and really think about what is your why… Feel free to share yours!


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