Juggling Act…


This post is more of a request for ideas…

How does everyone manage to juggle the priorities of their days? What techniques do you use to take care of home, family, nutrition, scheduling, work, errands, and projects?

I know and utilize some WONDERFUL techniques, but lately I am finding it very hard to get everything accomplished. My unfinished tasks are starting to snowball, and the added pressure/stress that it brings is NOT making me happy.

My to-do lists are organized and my main way of getting things done and remembering important tasks… Yet… My list of to-dos is getting looooonger and loooooooooooonger and loooooooooooooooooooooooonger. (Has human cloning been perfected yet? Another Angie might be just what I need…)

How do YOU balance all of the responsibilities and priorities of YOUR day?


One thought on “Juggling Act…

  1. lifeonthescales says:

    Outlook calendar is my bestest friend for scheduling. Something I’m working toward is scheduling ME time… something I’m not used to.
    Home & Projects – I am trying to dedicate Sundays to my home, that includes chores and cleaning and special projects like party planning (ahem ahem). 😉
    Work – If the world isn’t falling apart then just take it ONE day at a time. Yes, we have to look in the future, but we can only take care of today what we can. Once I leave the door, I do not think of work. Once I’m home… I’M HOME. Work will be there tomorrow. Your worrying about it tonight will not change anything. So enjoy the time you have at home because it is less than that which you have at work.

    Hope this helps 🙂

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