All The World Stops: Migraines.


Last week was rough.

I have suffered from migraines for a few years now. I am lucky enough that I do not get migraines on a frequent basis. When I DO get hit with a headache, I am usually out of commission for about a day or two. Still, I find myself lucky in that regard as well.

I have heard of people being physically crippled by migraines to the point of collapsing on the floor. Others are not responsive to migraine medication. I currently have a medication that I take at the onset of a migraine. It works about 80% of the time. I’m usually “functional” the day after taking said medication. I am also familiar with people who have taken extreme medical action and get botox shots are the scalp area of their heads to relieve tension.

I’m lucky enough that I am not at the extreme side of the migraine-suffering spectrum.

But last week…


Last week.

It took me almost a week to feel “normal”. THAT long. Starting Monday evening I was heading home from work and felt as though I had a headache coming on. No biggie. Just a regular headache which I usually do not take medication for, because headaches happen! I don’t need to pop a pill every time a headache comes my way.

By Monday evening I was in bed and didn’t want to move. I just wanted to lay there and sleep off the headache that I had forming… In the middle of the night I crawled out of bed and straight to my migraine meds.

It didn’t work.

Time came to get ready for work and all I was capable of was dragging myself out of bed to feed my dog. When BeBe was done eating, I went back to my bed and knocked out. I spent three straight days with the migraine in varying degrees of pain. Nothing worked. Nothing alleviated it.

Come Friday, I had just a “normal” headache. At least I was functional. I didn’t feel completely myself again until Monday of this week. I have never gone so long with such a bad headache. I avoided computers when I could. I had NO energy and NO ability to focus on anything. I dropped off the face of the Earth and accomplished very little. That was the part that I didn’t like the most. I have a to-do list a mile long… and I only checked off ONE box.

This week I am working on managing my stress level. Last week, my stress was THROUGH the ROOF. One of my triggers for migraines. I am taking this week day-by-day…

Here’s hoping I don’t repeat last week’s migraine anytime soon.


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