Project Last 29 of 29… 29 Days to Go!

Today was a big day for my fiancé and me…

8 months ago we committed to working on our finances, becoming more fiscally responsible, and to become homeowners. We both live with our respective families. The time had come to make the leap into moving in together and have the responsibility of a mortgage.

With the help, structure and guidance of the NACA program…

Today we received our mortgage qualification approval.

It is one sheet of paper that changes our world. We have worked so hard for today. We can see in our near future that we will be FIRST time homeowners!

This is a FANTASTIC achievement for us just before my 30th birthday… And one helluva way to start my Project Last 29 of 29!


2 thoughts on “Project Last 29 of 29… 29 Days to Go!

    • angie418 says:

      Hi Johni!
      Sorry for taking so long to respond, I had some issues with accessing and logging in!

      I can tell you that my husband and I did not get a house through NACA. We learned a LOT through NACA that I don’t think we would have learned anywhere else. However, being that I live in South Florida the cost of housing is high. The limitations on purchase price and what a buyer can contribute to the purchase basically made the process impossible. I am working on a post that should be up within the next week that will go into detail about our experience, from A – Z. Now, NACA might be PERFECT for you. It really was a great program. It just depends on your area and purchase expectations.

      I hope you have a great day!

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