Migraines and Crazy Nightmares

In the last 36 hours I have experienced a whole new migraine headache symptom…


They are the kind of nightmares that while they are happening I am TERRIFIED. Absolutely scared and in each occurrence running for my life…

Then I wake up…

And all I can think is What the F&$% is WRONG WITH ME??

Yesterday morning’s nightmare was interesting. Let me start by saying, I am a totally dorky Transformers fan. So when I was running from my life from Megatron, who wanted nothing more than to rip me apart, I was utterly terrified. Then I woke up. Really Angie? Really? MEGATRON? Cause THAT is possible any day now.

Ugh. I thought that was a one and done odd nightmare… Then last night happened… I think I know what triggered it too.

This weekend I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier. With that came some awesome upcoming movie previews. On Monday I made a list of all of the upcoming movies that I wanted to see… Captain American and that list came back to haunt me. Literally.

The only part of the nightmare that I remember was based on one of the scenes in Captain America 2. *SMALL SPOILER ALERT*

The scene where Captain America is running out of the S.H.I.E.L.D. building and is attacked on the bridge. Well, in my nightmare I am the one running out of that building, and apparently I can bond with a machine like Iron Man… and while I am being attacked with some kind of stun gun I am waiting for my robot to arrive to protect me. I keep getting hit repeatedly by the stun guns, which start to mutate me. (Yea, WTF, I know…) The people who are attacking me want information from me, and if I give up the info many people will be attacked and killed. FINALLY, my robot armor arrives and I am able to jump off the bridge and into water… As I go diving down these computerized images of the people I have saved start passing by me. Think: Hunger Games. The graphics they would show with the tributes faces and stats/info.

I woke up this morning so confused. Obviously, this migraine has my brain short circuiting. RARELY do I get nightmares and they usually aren’t such cinema quality!

Does anyone else get migraine nightmares? I’ve done a tiny bit of online research and apparently it isn’t unheard of, but not common either. I would love to hear from you if you do suffer from migraine nightmares!



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