Positive Thinking: Packing…


When I started the mortgage approval/home buying process 9 months ago, I never thought it was going to be easy… The NACA program helped my fiance and I learn to budget, save and eventually become approved for a mortgage. The day we found out we were approved I cried. I was so happy and felt such a sense of accomplishment…

After a day of letting the joy sink in, it was time to get real.

The real estate market is PERFECT if you are selling a house, not if you are buying! People are starting to buy homes again. Foreign investors have CASH to buy homes. Competition is high. Prices are rising. It also doesn’t help that I live and am house hunting in South Florida. Values are rising again.

The house hunting process is stressful. Each week I learn more and more, but as of right now I have not found a home. Tomorrow makes four weeks since my fiance and I were approved. I didn’t think I would find a house right away, but now I really want to feel the success of putting an offer on a home and having it accepted.

In the next 36 hours my fiance and I are scheduled to see between 5 and 8 homes. Last night, I became a bit antsy. I grabbed an empty box and started packing. I decided to have a new motto: “If you pack, the house will come.”

Yes, it is very Field of Dreams-ish. (A fantastic movie by the way. Doesn’t hurt that I have always had a crush on Ray Liotta.) What is important it the hope and positivity in that statement. There are no buts, ifs, maybes, or hopefullys. It is a definite statement. I’ll keep the positive attitude, and I’ll keep packing…


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