The Offer

Symptoms: Headache, anxiety, stress, nausea, nervousness, checking email every 2 minutes, checking voicemail every 5 minutes, hot flashes, mood swings, more anxiety, and constantly checking the time…

Diagnosis: Home Offer Panic

Cause: Placing an offer on a home!

This weekend was an emotional rollercoaster. We are still early enough in our house hunting process, as we have only been at this for about a month. In this time span we have visited a dozen properties, spent HOURS online visiting, and had several conversations with our wonderful realtor.

I’ll admit it. I have a PARTICULAR vision for my first home. There is a certain part of South Florida that I would like to live in for multiple reasons. The area just works. It is right. That area is also VERY hot right now from a real estate standpoint. I was basically told that they home I wanted, in the area that I wanted, at the price that I wanted, didn’t exist. My reaction was strong. I cried. I was angry. I KNEW that what I wanted was attainable.

Then came Sunday.

Our realtor took us to see 3 properties. ALL of them viable options. The first one, however, was special. From the moment we walked in… it just felt right. I saw how it could be my home.

Yesterday morning we officially submitted an offer on the home. As of yesterday, I am a BALL OF NERVES. My stomach is in a knot. I feel queasy. I can’t walk around without my cell phone. Honestly, I am just NERVOUS. I am trying to keep myself busy, but my mind still wanders back to our offer.

I am hoping for the best. I am trying not to keep my expectations too high.

This could be a heartbreaking day. This could be the day I have dreamt of for years…


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