Goodbye 20’s… Some Thoughts for Those in Their 20’s…


For the last 10 years I have relished the fact that I could say I was in my twenties…

Being in your 20’s has always come with the assumption that they are the greatest years of your life. ESPECIALLY the first half of your 20’s. For some people this is true. It is usually a time where one is more carefree… There is the partying… Staying out late… Less responsibilities… More fun… Our 20’s are considered the PRIME of our youth…

…I see it differently now… Quite honestly, I feel as though my BEST years have been ages 28 and 29… and it is just rolling into my 30’s. I am loving my life, who I am, and the journey ahead of me. I get to redefine what being in my 30’s will mean! It doesn’t mean that I am “old” or “older”… I can still have the same FEELING of my 20’s, but with the growth and rewards of maturity of my 30’s. As I look back, I can see what I did right and what I did wrong. I want to share those thoughts with anyone in their 20’s…

Our twenties are the time where we decide who we are as individuals.

Our twenties are a time to learn life’s lessons and to find our identity. I can’t express enough how important it is to FIND who you are in your twenties. Don’t imitate another person. Don’t be greedy of another person’s life. You need to be positive, find what makes YOU happy, find what makes YOU a good person, and build a life around that!

Our twenties are a time where we set the foundations for our future.

Be financially wise.

I wish I would have learned this lesson a bit earlier in my twenties. I only really took control of my finances in the last two to three years. At about 27 years old I took control of my credit history and made it my mission to improve my credit history and score. Just last year I finally learned how to properly manage my income and how to actually SAVE money. If I would have started this process just a year or two sooner, I would already be a homeowner. My delay was due to my lack of saving and the time it took to improve my credit history. Don’t make this mistake. You don’t HAVE to buy a house at 25 years old… But if you are in control of your finances at that age, you will be ready to go once the time comes!

Learn your life lessons now.

Actually LEARN them. Don’t become blind to your situations. We all experience heart ache. We all learn that we make mistakes. There is NO excuse to repeatedly make those mistakes. When it comes to love, when you know who YOU are, you will know who the best person for you is. I am so glad for the heart aches I have experienced. I have learned that I need someone who makes me as much of a priority as I make them. I can’t sacrifice my happiness for the convenience of someone else. I have learned that I must respect the people closest to me. I need to honor the part they play in my life. I can not be selfish and do what I want without considering how it will affect other people. I also need to be the example of what I consider to be a “good person”. There are NO excuses to repeat mistakes after a lesson is learned. That is stubbornness. You will not move forward, improve or excel in life if that is the case.

Always goals.

Don’t live  a stagnant life. Always set goals and have aspirations… Then, work towards them! They can be career goals, personal improvement goals, health/fitness goals, financial goals, personal hobby goals… Always be working toward something positive! That is a way to truly enjoy and make the best out of life. When you finally take a look back at all that you have achieved it will make you feel confident and satisfied!

Be positive and ENJOY life.

I’m not going to preach about being all happy-happy-joy-joy. That is just common sense. We all have our good days and our bad days. Your goal is to make the good days outnumber the bad. We don’t know how long we have on this Earth.

At my uncle’s funeral the priest said something that has stayed with me ever since… Live every day as if it were your first day, your last day, your only day.



One thought on “Goodbye 20’s… Some Thoughts for Those in Their 20’s…

  1. lifeonthescales says:

    In two words… AMEN SISTAH!!!

    In more than two words:
    I agree with absolutely everything you have written about one’s twenties. This was a period of self-discovery, a period to conduct some serious self-analysis, and a period to prepare yourself for true adulthood. I absolutely learned I needed to do what made me happy, a lesson learned too late in my eyes, but surely just in time in God’s eyes. Yes, we should set goals and be financially smart, but I think the most important part of your blog post (at least for me) is to remember to be happy and enjoy life. Every day we get on this earth is a precious precious gift for which we must be extremely grateful. We must take advantage of every minute of each day to better ourselves, help others, and enjoy life.
    It makes me very happy to read all of this from you… I could not agree more. 🙂

    Stay happy my friend. Love you. ❤

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