Hello 30’s… and Welcome to “Not So 30’s!”

Here it is! The day I have been planning for since October 12th, 2012… Why that date? On that date I created a mission statement for this blog formerly known as “Oh No The Big Three Oh”… I saw my 30’s birthday down the pipeline and I wanted to give myself some goals to make myself a better and happier person.

Honestly, I feared turning 30. I expected to be completely distraught about leaving my 20’s, but as you saw from yesterday’s post – the fear is gone. I am happy, I have goals, I have great things going on in my life, I am surrounded by wonderful people. I am so completely grateful for everything in my life that today isn’t a cause for sadness, but a true day of celebration.

Today, I am not fearing my 30’s and saying “Oh No” to it… I am REDEFINING it. I want to do away with the stigma of turning 30! It isn’t getting or being old, it isn’t less fun in my life, it is NOT SO 30’s! I can live my life on MY terms and feel as young and happy as I want.

In the upcoming weeks I will be tweaking the look of this blog, introducing a new logo, and making this blog more of a priority! I now have a new email address and an Instagram account dedicated solely for Not So 30’s! Feel free to follow on Instagram (@notso30s) or email me at notso30s@gmail.com .

I want to thank each of you that has taken the time to read a post, comment, email me, and shared a link. Welcome to Not So 30’s… Redefining my 30’s, while not acting a day over 29!



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