Wedding Planning Dry Spell

198 days…

I only have 198 days until my wedding day… and I am currently in a Wedding Planning Dry Spell.

My feet are as warm as ever, and I can’t wait to become the wife of my awesome future husband.. but the plannnnning. All motivation, inspiration, and desire to wedding plan have flown out of the window.

I have gone through these spells before, but they were more out of laziness. This time it is different. I find that I have become more emotional lately, with so many aspects of my life causing me stress and putting me in a low mood. My wedding planning to-do list is still a mile long. I look at it, and then I find something else to do.

It doesn’t help that house hunting doesn’t allow me to schedule any appointments in advance. I feel like I need to be constantly ON CALL in case a property comes onto the market that I need to see immediately. I spend my lunch hours either running errands or online looking for houses. I spend my evenings worn out from my hectic work day. I get back on the computer looking for houses. I plan or go find dinner. I spend the little bit of time I have left in the day with my fiance.

Right now the priority in my life has been switched to finding a home. That is absolute NUMBER ONE. It has drained ANY desire I have to wedding plan. Some of my self-imposed deadlines are starting to pass, and honestly, I haven’t mustered up enough energy to care. In the last two and a half months I don’t think I have SEEN any of my friends more than twice. And I don’t mean hang out and spend lots of time. I haven’t SEEN any of them more than two times. But with house hunting, it is not like I can make plans.

My bridal magazines remained stacked in a corner of a room… My Save-The-Dates remain un-ordered… My bridesmaids and groomsmen still have not had their wedding attire coordinated/ordered… My guest list has not been finalized… My DJ has not been booked… My reception set up and decor has not been planned…

I wrote that list just now and all I can do is shrug my shoulders.

I’m hoping for a burst of motivation. If anyone has any, please send it my way!


2 thoughts on “Wedding Planning Dry Spell

  1. Kendra says:

    227 days here and I am right along with you… I have the checklist, I know where I gotta go… but ummmm, I am waiting for someone to magically complete it for me or something. Lol

    Good luck

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