Offer Accepted

What a difference a few hours can make! I’ve basically been sitting around all day at home with a cold… In the afternoon I asked my fiancé to take me to Walgreens… In the middle of an aisle (while looking for a replacement for my mom’s snack, which I took the last of) I got the best text message and email ever.


It took only those two words for me to yell… Well, more like squawk for my fiancé! “ACCEPTED! ACCEPTED!!! BAAAAAAABE!!! THEY ACCEPTED OUR OFFER!!!!”

I made a mini-scene in the middle of the store, but I have been desperately waiting to hear/read/see those words.

I can’t describe exactly how I feel. I am beyond ecstatic, but at the same time we need to get down to business! Inspections, appraisals, etc… This is just another step to our dream of owning our first home… and I am SOOOO ready!!


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