The Offer – Part 2

I’ve previously written about an offer that I put on a home… Our offer was declined. Here was the logic that my fiancé and I had when we walked away and didn’t provide a second offer…

The home was listed at $265,000… The market comparables had the property appraising in the $220’s or $230’s. Our financing is appraisal contingent, which means that if an appraisal came in below the contract price, we would be paying the appraisal price. The owner of the home felt that it should be sold at $265,000 – and did not want to risk the appraisal contingency.

My fiancé and I have to be smart with the major investment. It isn’t just the monthly mortgage amount that concerns us, but the value of the home in the future.

9 days ago my fiancé saw a home that was perfect for us… And we sent the owner an offer that same day. The home has a yard that we adore, a wonderful layout, and it needs almost no work! We were notified mid-week that we were one of the last two offers being considered (from many offers).  We negotiated some of the terms, and want to help the seller if they are willing to help us!

The waiting game has been excruciating. We love this home more than the last… We are hoping that today is THE day we receive good news. I’m asking everyone to please cross your fingers and send positive vibes our way…

Today could be the day of our dreams…


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