Unfabulous Bronchitis

This week has been all about positivity, goal setting, and thinking towards the future! I am all about working towards some big dreams and making some fabulousness (yes, that’s a word, either because it is or cause I used it!) out of my ordinary!

But, this week came with one major pitfall on my road to making big dreams happen…

I’ve got bronchitis!

*cue the “ain’t no body got time for that” jokes*

But honestly, I don’t have time for it! Instead of going to dinner with my friend yesterday, I ended up driving myself to urgent care… I’ve complained how the current hecticness (see: fabulousness) of my life has taken a toll on my social life, and what happens when I have dinner plans? I have to cancel to go get seen by a doctor.

Mind you, the nurse and doctor thought I was quite hilarious when I told them I was in because I was extremely congested, run down, stuffed up, and tired of my voice sounding like a bad car exhaust. I emphasized the last part. It isn’t fun having your co-worked say good morning to you, and then cringe/recoil when they hear your nasty squawk of a ‘good morning’ in return.

So hear I am, in bed and feeling groggy from my meds. I have what I call ‘/sick-face’. Dark circle under eyes, pasty skin with red splotches, and that all-around BLAH expression. I definitely don’t look fabulous. I definitely don’t FEEL fabulous… But hey, maybe this nap I’m about to take will be fabulous…

What else is there to do in urgent care while getting a nebulizer treatment other than to take a BLAH selfie?


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