Mini Personal Victory

Not So 30s Mini Personal Victory 1

This simple meal right above has a lot of meaning for me.

Yea. You read that line, looked at the picture, realized it was just eggs, then rolled your eyes…

But I mean it.

This simple meal is a mini personal victory. It shows me that I CAN make good choices. That I CAN say ‘no’ to temptation. That I CAN reach my goals. That I CAN do what every I want.

So… Since when did breakfast become so deeply meaningful? (I laughed as I wrote that…) Well! Last night we had some plumbing issues at home. Our kitchen sink is out of commission until the plumber comes today. What I didn’t realize last night was that my blender was in the sink. Dirty. (Cue: “Ewwwwwww”). Yea. EWW! I don’t wake up super early in the morning to have all this time before work. I have a routine. Get up. Get ready. Make my Shakeology shake. Hit the road.

As I was getting ready I was trying to think of WHAT I could have for breakfast that was 21 Day Fix-friendly and a HEALTHY choice. (Come on, I get married in just over 5 months. That dress isn’t sitting in the closet EXPANDING.) Starbucks crossed my mind. A latte crossed my mind. A venti mocha latte (no whip!) crossed my mind. Then it kind of riverdanced all over my brain. A venti mocha latte (no whip) is SOOOO not Fix-friendly. Time was winding down. I COULD have taken the EASY way out and stopped by Starbucks, but I didn’t. I grabbed a pan and threw together an egg, egg whites and ham.  BOOM. Breakfast. No guilt. A lot of pride.

Happy Thursday Everyone. Here’s to YOUR mini personal victories today!


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