Just a Quick Hello!

I was taking a quick peek at my blog’s settings and I see that my blog has had over 7,500 views! (Most of which have happened this year!)

I just wanted to quickly say HELLO and THANK YOU for taking the time out to glance at my little home on the internet.

I also wanted to INVITE YOU to CONTACT ME! Do you have any questions about anything I posted? Email me! Have you related to any of my posts? Let me know! Are you seeking a supportive buddy to help you reach your fitness goals? Contact me! There is NO pressure. I’m not going to make you buy something. I do have access to some amazing tools, but that’s just a bonus. I am here to be as supportive to all of you as you are to me!

So… TALK TO ME! Tell me about yourselves! Tell me about you life goals!

Just to recap… I am a 30 year old woman from Miami trying to find a way to make myself a better me, all around! I want to live smarter, happier, healthier and just a tad bit more fabulous. I am finding ways of setting goals and meeting them with the support of people and tools. I am engaged to an amazing man and am currently on the hunt for my first home! (STRESS!) Wedding planning is a handful and house hunting is an emotional rollercoaster.

I can’t wait to hear from you all! Email me at notso30s@gmail.com or comment below and introduce yourself!


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