Let the REAL Wedding Planning Begin!

NotSo30s - Wedding Planning Checklist

Finally… The wedding planning ball is rolling… Slowly… But rolling nonetheless!

I transferred my wedding planning checklist to this AMAZING app that I found (I’ll tell you ALL about the app tomorrow), and I shared the list with my fiance. This week I have already knocked off about 5 check boxes. I think in the last 2 months I might have checked off 5 check boxes, so progress is definitely being made!

We are still tied down financially as we house hunt, but I’m not letting that stop me any more! I can plan! I can reverse engineer! I can make lists of items to buy! I can do a LOT without having to spend money yet. Thennnn, once we find our perfect home and close on it, I can make the purchases/down payments I need to! Everything will already be lined up!

Last night alone I discovered how expensive formal suit  rentals are for men! WTH! You don’t even get to KEEP the suit. At least bridesmaids get to keep what they purchase… So our hunt for groomsmen suits continues. The good part is, we already have a game plan!

So to all my brides-to-be out there… The BIGGEST and BEST advice I can give you is have a checklist for EVERYTHING that needs planning/coordination for your wedding! Set deadlines! Check of boxes EVERY week (even if you do something small, you did SOMETHING!).


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