Managing Goals and Daily Life with an App!

Let’s talk…

Do you feel as if your days are just flipping past you and that you haven’t done anything useful with your time?

Do you feel as if your life is a bit stagnant?

Do you feel as if your day-to-day responsibilities are a bit out of control?

Do you feel like you keep making goals but have NO way of achieving them?

I completely understand how you feel. We ALL go through these phases in our lives. I went through a major one. Also, we all sometimes slip back into poor habits and need to re-focus.

Here are the biggest and best tips I can give you…

  1. WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN. Be it on paper or with the use of an app (see #3), make sure you write everrrrrything down. A small task you need to do. A large project you want to start. Short-term and long-term goals. Write them down! Sometimes those amazing ideas that spring into our minds leave our brains just as quickly as they entered, even when you think you just can’t forget such an amazing idea. If you have one place to write everything down, your ideas will stay with you! Don’t rely on just your memory. Your brain does a lot of work every day. Help it out. Also, find one place for all of this info. A notebook, a planner or a smart phone app are your best bets!
  2. WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS, THEN BREAK THEM DOWN INTO EACH STEP NEEDED TO ACHIEVE THOSE GOALS. It is too easy to set goals. Watch. “I want to lose 25 pounds.” or “I want to make an additional $1,000 a month in income.” or “I want to reduce my debt by 50% in 6 months.” Boom. Goals set. Now what?? This is the most important part. Break down each and every goal to the small steps that need to occur in order for you to achieve those goals. Then, make yourself accountable for hitting those small steps. Set aside time every day to work on your goals. Give yourself realistic deadlines. Just make sure you stick to it!
  3. A SMART PHONE APP CAN HELP YOU ORGANIZE YOUR TASKS AND GOALS. There are tons of apps out there to help organize your tasks and calendar. Some are free and some aren’t. Utilize these tools! You can set alarms, make lists, share lists, etc. Once you set your goals and reminders just refer back to your phone throughout the day to make sure you are achieving the tasks and goals you set for the day. No need to re-write lists by hand once you enter them into an app. It is an amazing feeling when you get to check off tasks as completed.

Now a few days ago I mentioned an app that I love. Well, I loooove it. Looooove loooove it. It is called Priorities and I found it on the Apple App Store. The app has quite a few features that I consider a MUST. You can SHARE pages. “Pages” are for different types of lists. Here is a screen shot of my pages.

Not So 30s - Priorities Pages

As you can see, I have categorized some of my priorities and also included a reminders page. Within each page you can add tasks and lists! The app cost a few dollars, but I have already made that back with all of the tasks I have completed.

Not So 30s - Priorities List

As you can see here, I have a lot of tasks under my Wedding Planning page. Little by little I AM knocking these off the list. I have to admit, every single time I check off one of my completed tasks, I feel a little bit better about what I have achieved that day!

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