Overhyped Situations: Bridesmaids Dress Shopping

There are so many aspects of wedding planning that are stressful – but some of those are just overhyped. They are only stressful if YOU allow them to be stressful.

One thing you have the power to make or not make stressful is bridesmaids dress shopping. Maybe since I am a VERY LOW KEY bride the situation is different for me. My bridesmaids are different heights (ranging between 5’0″ and 5’9″) and have different body shapes. I’m realistic in knowing that there is not ONE dress out there that looks great on very different body types. If I had to search and find ONE dress that looked great on all of my bridesmaids I would stress myself, when honestly, I have too much going on to put that on myself.

My solution: Pick a color and have the bridesmaids pick dresses THEY loved, looked great in, and felt comfortable wearing. Is this a totally new and never done before idea? No. This is a way for me to keep my sanity, take some pressure off of my bridesmaids, and to ENJOY dress shopping.

Yesterday went SO amazingly well, that we were in an out of the bridal salon in an hour. I’m actually enjoying my wedding planning now. In the beginning the stress was crazy. Now, I am trying to make this a positive experience. I spent quality time with some important ladies yesterday… We did a LOT of laughing (I mean a LOT).

I expected some ladies to struggle to find a dress they liked… I expected having to find another location with more dresses to try on… I expected to maybe not find a color that I liked… I expected that a bridesmaid would want to buy a dress I didn’t like… I expected to STRESS bridesmaids dress shopping.

Yesterday was great… Bridesmaids dresses are ordered… I’m thrilled!

I won’t post the dresses my bridesmaids ordered (I’ll save that for the wedding pictures), but I will post a small preview of the color I chose! I’m in love. ❤

NotSo30s - Dress Color


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