Hitting the Reset Button

The last week has been a little bit of madness!
I drove 10 hours within a 36 hour timespan to see my gorgeous nephew who was born 7/2/14… I celebrated my fiancé’s birthday and the anniversary of our engagement!… Oh and it so happened to be 4th of July weekend…

Now it is confession time… I ate HORRIBLY! Yes, I hang my head in shame! So, what’s a girl to do EXACTLY 4 months before she walks down the aisle?

I am doing the Beachbody 3 Day Refresh!!


Just three days to reset my system and get myself ready for some SERIOUS fitness and clean eating! No starvation! Simple three day nutrition… If anyone is interested in a HEALTHY 3 day cleanse, let me know! Let’s do thissssss!!!!

Click here to check out my Beachbody website!


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