And then he came along…

I’m 30 years old and do not have any children… Naturally, I have had small spurts of Baby Fever where I melt inside when I see a newborn – and I think about how much I want one of my own… The Baby Fever comes and it goes…

Well… On Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014… at approximately 7:20pm… Baby Fever hit me like a ton of bottles of formula.

Baby Fever

This gorgeous young man was born to my sister Tracey… He looks exactly like her (YAY!) and my sister’s natural maternal instincts are amazing…

From the moment I held him I changed a little bit. This Baby Fever was different. When I held him, it wasn’t some stranger’s baby that I saw randomly, it was my nephew. The feeling of holding him was more personal. He felt so delicious in my arms, and I knew then that I absolutely wanted one of my own.

The small heart break is that my fiance and I are still planning our wedding and still planning our home purchase. Until our home is set up there won’t be any babies for us. So for now… I’ll need an antibiotic or something to fight this fever…


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