Making those HEALTHY Choices

If you are like me, you looooove delicious food. Sweets, comfort food, ethnic food… All of it. This love of food is 75% of the reason why I am overweight. EVERY DAY is a struggle with choices. Fast food is on every block. Many foods are highly processed to help taste better and drive sales. And growing up eating Cuban food doesn’t help when it comes to choosing a salad over white rice and beans.

When I walk into a grocery store I go in with the BEST of intentions! Yet, sometimes walking by one of my favorite treats is far too tempting for me to say NO. Yesterday, I decided to help myself make better choices by placing myself in an environment more encouraging of a healthier lifestyle.

After work yesterday I took a trip for my local Fresh Market. My shopping list was small, but I was curious about the healthy alternatives the store had to offer. After picking up my antibiotic-free ground turkey, ground beef and chicken breasts, I decided to go for a stroll aisle-by-aisle through the store. I skipped the produce section, since I was already stocked up at home… But from what I saw, the colors were brighter and the produce just looked fresher… (Not to far-fetched to figure out how the store got its name!)

I must say, I can definitely see myself shopping at Fresh Market more often. I enjoyed being surrounded by SO many healthy options. It just helped me feel a million times better about my food options.

So here is part of my food haul… As you can see, I’m experimenting with Kale Chips, so I bought a variety. All the items that I purchased scanned ‘A’ on Fooducate!

NotSo30s - Fresh Market

Do I think that I am now invincible to temptation? No. Do I think that I am now going to become this super healthy foodie? No. What I am becoming is someone who is wiser about her food choices. I am becoming someone who wants a healthier future. I want to be able to live a healthier lifestyle with my fiance.

So here’s to making those HEALTHY choices… The small, daily ones… That add up and trim down!


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