I know I haven’t posted much lately… Oops! But no excuses.

NotSo30s - Lunch Salad

Today I am excited to share my lunch. Yes, I know that too many people post random pictures of their food, but I am sharing mine for a reason. Within one mile of my office I have a KFC, Burger King, McDonalds, Chipotle and more quick-lunch options. I also have a Giardino Salads. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve fallen to temptation. Not today though. I craaaaved this. I call this salad “The Mely”. I customized my salad based on a salad my friend made me MONTHS ago. It was so good back then that I still try to replicate it now. Here we have baby greens, strawberries, mandarins, dried cranberries (only a little), fresh mozzarella and a small scoop of roasted skinless chicken breast. The dressing is on the side so I can control the amount. What I love about this salad is that the juicy strawberries and mandarins reduce the need for much dressing! I had a ton of options for lunch today, but this was a WIN!

Now tell me… What did YOU have for lunch today that was a healthy WIN? – COMMENT BELOW!


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