Commitment Issues

If I randomly came across this blog I would think: “this girl has some serious commitment issues.”

…and I would totally understand!

It seems like I am always reintroducing or reinventing myself … and this blog. The consistency in which I post is less than what I have always hoped for and wanted. Taking the time to write is something I truly enjoy, but I, like many people, have my priorities all wrong. I have not focused my energy on things I really want at the top of my priority list.

So, in an effort to refocus myself, two weeks ago I started the Chalene Johnson 30-Day PUSH, which I think I may have blogged about before. I’m a HUUUUGE believer in it, and yea, it is FREE. Each time, in the past, when I committed for a full 30-days to PUSH, I felt less stress, more driven and motivated, and believed I could achieve anything.  I get a MAJOR CASE of the “I Can Do Its”.

I started the program again by making a list of goals—my blog was one of my first thoughts. I got excited! I vowed to drop the “salesy” Angie—it didn’t feel genuine. It may have worked for other people; but just isn’t me. How could I truly look forward and be happy doing something that felt fake? I can’t. That’s why I could walk away so easily before from this blog. But, inside I knew the right direction, where it could go and the potential it could bring.

I am here to be a sounding board and listen to your challenges. I have experienced plenty of the things that you have, and are going through. I’m here to tell you that YOU are wonderful and everything is going to be OK. Who is this message meant for? YOU. I am searching for a true inner happiness with myself, and setting some AMAZING goals. I know that there are women, and men, out there who look at the number on the scale and lose a sense of self-worth. I want to remind you that YOU ARE WONDERFUL.

Life is crazy, fun, complicated, amazing, heartbreaking, difficult, and fulfilling. It isn’t always sunshine, but when you have a genuine person there – all the positives outshine the negatives.

So, again. Here I am. Redefining my 30s. Enjoying life. Knowing my true self. Living life on my terms. Learning to love myself unconditionally. Making the person I am today better than I was yesterday.

Care to join?

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