Home Is Where The Couch Is.


This is totally not my present living room. Just the floor display of the sofa we DID order.


In the fall of last year, my husband and I moved in together about 45 days before our wedding day. That was a narrow window, especially with all of the last minute wedding tasks to accomplish. Before we lived together, I lived with my family, he lived with his.

Combined, the furniture we owned was a full-size bedroom furniture, a large desk unit, and a nice wood kitchen table with chairs. The expenses of the wedding, honeymoon, moving, and holidays were a hit to our finances. We did not have the luxury of running to the furniture store, right after moving in together, to buy all of the items we needed. Yet, we were so incredibly happy to be together. (Yes, incredibly cheesy moment. I call them “velveeta” cheesy moments.)

Little-by-little we have begun to purchase our furniture, and make our residence feel like a HOME. I am currently writing this from the delicious comfiness (is that even a word? Now it is…) of our king-size bed. This was our first major furniture investment, and it has been wonderful.

The problem, however, is that our living room has actually been more like the dogs bedroom/hubby’s video game room. We have only had one recliner and a tailgate chair in the living room since moving in. I kid you not. That room just wasn’t a priority for us.

As of today, that has all changed. We just finished ordering our living room sofa. It didn’t seem like a big deal at first, then I got to thinking… I get to have movie nights with my husband. I get to entertain guests. I get to fall asleep on a comfortable sofa while watching TV. I get to curl up and read.

The living room is one of the social epicenters of a home. Second possibly to the kitchen. My husband and I now get to enjoy all aspects of our home, and all get to share that space with others.

Our environment has an impact on so many aspects of our daily lives: physical health, stress levels, overall happiness, etc… Slowly, but surely, my husband and I are molding our home into our place of joy, relaxation and love.


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