How often do you see them? A mess of lopsided pony tails, yoga pants, loose-fitting shirts, and diaper bags. Fabric literally engulfing them to the point of looking like a walking pile of laundry. Sneakers or flip flops carrying them from errand to errand until they collapse at the end of the day. I call them Mommies. Or should I say us? I call US Mommies. Sure, we’re blessed with beautiful, bouncing bundles of joy. But along with those bundles comes Mommification – when you realize that you’ve somehow slipped into a state of perpetual “blah” when it comes to clothing, shoes – just style in general.  We don’t mean for it to happen, but it does. Your appearance is secondary to the little life you’ve created. Comfort and mobility are crucial if you’ve got a toddler to chase after. You’re just. too. tired.

There are some of us that seem to do it all while still maintaining an impeccable appearance. But as for the rest of us – we need help! The first thing you need to remember is that they’re just clothes! We shouldn’t dread getting dressed – like, putting on ACTUAL pants. But what if things just don’t fit like they used to? They won’t. And that’s okay! But please don’t resort to that drawer full of workout clothes, or worse – lounge wear. Listen, I’m all for spending a day in your pj’s, but if you’re leaving the house in something that’s meant to be worn Sunday mornings relaxing on the couch, then we have an issue. Find pieces that fit well and make you feel put together. For new moms, choose pieces that are easy to clean and are made of a good quality fabric (for all the extra washes they’ll have to go through). Hang these items in the front of your closet. When you start to get a handle on life with kids and you’ve created a schedule for yourself, find the time to inventory the items you have that can be added to this new section of your closet.

Now, I’m not going to tell you what to wear – wear what you like! If it makes you feel good, go for it. The more put-together you look, the better you’ll feel. One of the reasons new moms go through postpartum depression is because of all the changes that just happened to their bodies. Dressing in a manner that accentuates this feeling only makes it more pronounced, causing a vicious cycle. I’m not saying that if you get all dolled up post-baby you’re guaranteed to eliminate postpartum depression. There are many other hormonal and environmental factors involved as well. But it’s a drop in the bucket to work towards feeling like yourself again – which is the main goal.

The most important thing every mom (new or not) needs to know is that just because you’ve become a mom, it doesn’t mean that’s all you are. You are much more than just one piece of you, even if it’s a really huge piece. You are also a daughter, a sister, a friend, a teacher, a student, and anything else you want to be. And if you loved getting all dolled up pre-baby, then you’ll definitely still love it post-baby (you just have to play around with the pieces a bit).  Being a mom is another part of you, another hat you wear, and you should pair it with a great outfit!



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