Spotlight – November 2015 – J.R. Ward

Teen girls had the Twilight series – an exploration of first loves, heartbreaks, and the ongoing conflict between vampires and werewolves all wrapped in a glittery package.”Under-sexposed” women had Fifty Shades of Grey – a slightly darker, and much more inventive, look into the world of sex, love, and unattainable billionaires. Both were considered a phenomenon in the book (and then film) industry.

What about those of us that fall somewhere else in the spectrum? We’re too old for Edward (figuratively speaking) and want more out of a love story than pages and pages of exhausting sex scenes. What about those of us that want a good storyline, passion, developed characters, raw sexual power, and lovers that satisfy our complex fantasies?

For that, we have #1 New York Times Best Selling Author, J.R. Ward.

Our first introduction to J.R. Ward’s talent was with her most popular series – The Black Dagger Brotherhood. She is the writer we were looking for; the one that delivers more than just a beginner’s writing style and constant sex. She delivers complex storylines, complete with character development, intricate relationships, and tons of personality. The Brotherhood series alone has been thriving for about a decade and we continue to reap the benefits. She has since branched out to other series, such as Fallen Angels, and, more recently, The Bourbon Kings, which is good for readers who aren’t into the supernatural genre.

Like her hundreds of thousands of followers, we too have been captivated by her incredible attention to detail. Her stories keep us guessing while developing into what feels like a parallel universe that you wish you were a part of. It satisfies our need for adventure; but most importantly, STRONG women are supported in her series. There are no “damsels in distress” here, people. Even a female character that seems demure and helpless at first can go toe-to-toe with her lover; firing back a smart-ass one-liner to show that she is an equal in a relationship with a strong, dominant man. Let me not leave out that Ward sure does know how to write a sex scene. All I’ll give away is that I will never look at a bathroom sink the same way again… and the hubs ENCOURAGES my reading every time a new book is released. #NuffSaid

NotSo30’s is proud to spotlight J.R. Ward and her addictive storylines; and we are thrilled to introduce you to her series, The Black Dagger Brotherhood, which releases its latest installment on December 1st, 2015. If you’re looking for a series packed with alpha-males, bad-ass females, drama, fantasy, and sexy scenes that’ll keep your man wondering why you’re blushing at a book, then this is the author for you. Join us and her legion of fans who salivate at the thought of a new book release; but keep in mind this series is a decade in the making… so you should probably keep your Kindles charged up because you’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

JR Ward Photo used with permission from The Berkley Publishing Group. Photo Credit: Jan Cobb

JR Ward
Photo used with permission from The Berkley Publishing Group.
Photo Credit: Jan Cobb


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